This is that fancy, fly shit, foxers to it
I’m repeating your class, baby, get used to it!
Got a lot of things to celebrate,
Especially the hate, ’cause when they talk about us,
Better, we be doing great!
I didn’t have a pot of pills when I started,
Now I get payed for my time, like it’s Missy’s naughty
Hold up the jargon, my nigger’s looking washed up.
Water boarded, no time for that
But chew on my spinal chords, you have my back,
When checks wasn’t coming in, money wasn’t flowing in
We wasn’t bubbling, we was out here struggling,
You told me go hard, and that is what I did.
And now look how much we’ve grown,
Four carat ring, 2 million dollar home.
I’m in the zone, but couldn’t do it on my own!
Because you can’t become a king without a queen and a crown
Got through the drama and the love’s gonna say haha
Girl, we made it, sipping champagne, doing the damn thing
Don’t it feel like we famous?
We should have been crowned the greatest!
We should have been crowned the greatest!
We should have been crowned the greatest!
The bread that I gt is sitting in Chasers, pc,
Real people stashed and they just beat seat up
I’m about chips, house on the cliff,
Out to the piff, ‘bound to be stiff
I’ll get a drink, loosen up, hen rock, noose it up
Pray to God that the knuckleheads don’t shoot it up!
Never thought that it would mount as it is
You talking ’bout the best, you can count the kiss
Now I make sure the offshore count the Swiss
Ran through everything, ran down the list.
Never in the same spot, move around, I’m swift
Shoffeur, go girl, you are now...
Dopes, I do magic, kill everything, too tragic
Cam up from the bottom without acting
These lanes stuck on the bottom with nacting
Customize nation, standardize, niggaare, basic
Core selling like me, niggaare, you afford tricks,
I’m the that should have been crowned the greatest
The greatest, we in this
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Crowned The Greatest Lyrics

Corason The Great – Crowned The Greatest Lyrics

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