I can her it
Breaking the silence
Darkness holding so true
Restless nights bring temptation and violence
Distant fragments of you

Conversations with my silent deceiver
Always stand in my way
I heed my inner misguided believer
Selfish tales resonate

Now it feels like I'm alive
The fire inside has started to rise
Sensations are in overdrive
The signs have shown me why

I can't deny the feeling
Burning through my mind
(I've searched outside for so long
Yet the answer lies inside)

Ride the wave Savout every moment
'Till you pull me back down
Elevate to anchor my intention
'Till I'm back on the ground

Atrophy and sensory commotion
A constant tear at the heart
Colder than a stone denier of emotion
You won't let me go
I scathe

I can only define the way
Say, how I'll live out my fate
I'll search outside no longer
I can't deny my fate
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Ego Lyrics

Copia – Ego Lyrics