I did do evil
I did commit violence
I tormented many hearts
I did steal
I caused someone to be treacherously killed
I lessened the offerings
I did harm
I uttered lies
I made people weep
I committed acts of self-pollution
I fornicated
I trespassed
I did commit perfidy
I damaged cultivated land
I was an accuser
I was angry without sufficient reason
I turned a deaf ear to the words of truth
I committed witchcraft
I blasphemed
I caused a slave to be maltreated by his master
I did despise God in my heart...

I have purloined offerings
I have stolen the property of God
I have carried away food
I have been an eavesdropper
I have slandered man
I have debauched the likes of man
I have terrorized
I have transgressed the law
I have been wroth
I have multiplied my words in speaking
I have worked witchcraft against the king
I have stopped the flow of water
I have raised my voice
I have cursed God
I have acted with arrogance
I have stolen the bread of the Gods
I have carried away the khenfu cakes from the Spirits
Of the dead
I have slain the cattle belonging to the God
I have made light to the bushel
I did do evil
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The Hall Of Truth Lyrics

Coph Nia – The Hall Of Truth Lyrics

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