Don't look ahead, just run to me
Each step will find the next one recklessly
We'll find ourselves on the safest ledge
Well pardon me, I couldn't help myself
Girl, fall into your life here
If only for a while, I'm here

Could you be happy to fall like a stone
If you'd land right here safe in my arms?
It's fine, lock all your doors through the night
Keep it all right here, safe in my arms
It's fine, it's fine

You felt alone before you ever really knew how alone you were
An empty house, a lonely room
The TV talks the fear right out of you
But you feel like someone's standing by but you'll never know...


The sun burns a hole straight through your old flaws
If you look toward the sky even on your greyest night

Could you be happy now, with the wind in your hair
And your eyes open wide and your feet going nowhere?

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On The Safest Ledge Lyrics

Copeland – On The Safest Ledge Lyrics