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Slip Away Lyrics

Coolio – Slip Away Lyrics

We just landed,
Now we're here,
Let's do it,

I'm a menace to those
Who talk shit and not mention the flow
I gas it up then it's a go
Until the wheels fall off engine explodes
Every months' paycheck got a few O's
To the damn Matrix got a few new foes
Every second I got, I try to live me up
The harder the work the better the odds
I intend to rock the truth and sell
And not go prostitute myself
Fuck if that's stressin' me
Clock tic tocs and it's too late to bring back yesterday
So I invade your playlist
Make kids turn it up and wake the neighbors
And take the numbers that create the matrix
And get them placed on my paychecks
What!? let's go.

[Chorus: Maia]
Life can easily be gone
And I don't wanna
I don't wanna let it slip, away
Let's rattle
You love every single second that comes
Cause I don't wanna
I don't wanna let it slip, away

Yea baby launch the word
I survive the ride every bump and curve
You know why?
Cause I don't do like them
That's why sick gonna do it again
And I won't sit and wait
Won't let the moment slip away
Confidential gettin' ripped today
Won't let the moment slip away

Coming to a hood near you
Get a clear view
Who is that dipping in the six in ya rear view
It's that loca used to be a smoker
But now he's got a dime on his shoulder
And he's a soldier
The price of fame
And the pressure of the game
Went may for the week in the membrane
So I'm staying the hay
Cause brother has changed
Mad at me coz' I'm rollin on a trip of fame
Grab your pen and grap your paper
Grap the heater off the table and pull that caper
Stack your chips up and save some for later
Do me a favor and watch your neighbour
If you got a problem then bite like a ghetta'
Show him you know sheep
Show him you got teeth
Show him you don't sleep
Tell him you're pu mardi
And they gotta break bad if they wont believe
Don't sleep

[Chorus: x2]
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