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Rollin' With My Homies Lyrics

Coolio – Rollin' With My Homies Lyrics

Saturday morning, take the train for a ride
The sun is up, I got my homies by my side
Rollin' down the street with my sixteen speakers
On the beach, daddy dippin'
I hang a light at the right, ready to have fun
Then I bust a left for the 121
Pull it into park and lay it on the grass
I roll back the ride, so I can see some ass
Clock one sista, fifteens in the rear
Bump a forty, leaves me gawkin' here
I hits 'em up for the circle, that's how I'm livin'
Crowbars in the house and got us on a mission
You can be Blood, or you can see cryppin' fool
But I ain't trippin'
My homie Snoop kicks the dinner juice and that's alright,
But a-Coolio with the flow seems to yak all night

Rollin' with my homies (sippin' we yak all night, yeah)
Sippin' on yak all night (I got us on the way in the C-B-T, and it's alright)
Yak all night
Rollin' with my homies (sippin' yak all night, yeah)
Sippin' on yak all night (I got us on the way in the C-B-T, and it's alright)
Yak all night

Pumpin' up the keg and roll it in a paper
It's like a match, you light it up and pass it to your neighbor
Night time is the right time, a-dynamite!
We're gonna have a good time
I jump back in the wagon, lock up the ass
Pop in the tape and a match
West when I fly I take the exit o'
And guess what I saw
Two fools at the light, they stared me up
But I just look 'em in the eye and I say, "whats up?"
And even though I really don't want no trouble
I got thirty-one replies to bust your bubble
I don't really wanna hurt nobody
So I keeps on rollin' on my way to the party
I just wanna kick it, yeah, that's the ticket
Pass me the cup so we can get twisted


I'm rollin' with my homies, yeah
'Said we'd yak all night, yeah yeah

I roll up to the party and I'm straight old bent
And 'catchin' me a freak was my intent
There's a whole pack o' rats' ass standin' in the front
So I drops the ass and let the sistas bump
Here comes one now, she's on the tip
She says she likes the way my woofers kick
But I don't fall in love with every girl I see
So I pass up two and go straight to three
She got a ass like the back of a bus, 'cause
And that's why I say
I let her hit my twenty, got straight to the point
Whats up? Do you wanna kick it or what?
I ain't got time to be frontin',
I ain't talkin' 'bout nothin' Just a little sumpin' sumpin'
If you're fine and you won't front
I don't wanna be your man, but I'll hook you up.

[Chorus: x2]

Yes I'm rollin' rollin' rollin'
Yes I'm rollin' with my homies
Yes I'm rollin' rollin' rollin',
Rollin' with my homies ooh
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