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Premium Blends Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Premium Blends Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mikey Rocks]
Who that nigga that be stylin in them premium threads
Exactly, that me smoking premium blends
Catch me leaning, I be cleaning my car with old t-shirts
The four door jeep parked in the garage
Since the beginning I’ve been bringing em in for no charge
From coast to coast, giving a toast on the sand bar
We close and you down far boys betta catch up
Throw that girl a line and I bet that I can catch her
But let’s get acquainted first, giving her th lecture
Delivery was nice like Western Union
We break bread like communion after we get paid
Backstage, high, getting a fade
I’m getting better by the day, Pelle sweater with the J's
Helley Hansen coat for later on if it gets chilly
We split Phillies and we kick it with babes
At Wet Willies just enjoying the waves

[Hook 2x: Chuck Inglish]
That’s the way it goes down ‘round here
That’s whatever goes down out here
We moving boxes and whatever’s downstairs
We moving out the house but we staying ‘round here

[Verse 2: Shorty K]
I wake up in the morning, rock the J's with the laces loose
In the latest coupe, scoop the chick with the daisy dukes on
Said she wanna sip goose while she twist up
And if she ain’t with that, I switch the bitch up
Smoking on some shit that make your chest jump
And you ain’t got the hick-ups
Ice on the watch to glis’ the wrist up, color mix up
I got great taste, boy you see the carrot cake
And I’m the shit, I heard this pair say
Cause that’s the same thing I heard come from everyone else
I sucked a whole pint of Hennessy all by myself
Then rapped Biggie songs in the mirror for about an hour
Caught a chick, dicked her down, and hopped up in the shower
Then dipped, but my gas level had me looking troublesome
So I threw twenty on pump six and grabbed some bubble gum
Then get my stumble on back to the car
Knowing the next thing I eat is coming back up tomorrow

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