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Dinner Time Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Dinner Time Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mikey]
What up niggas, how ya'll? It's Mikey, the villain
I'm still writin' rhymes but besides that I'm chillin'
I'm just posted in the driver's seat of a car in the plane
That's flyin' by and I need a guy to come and pilot me because
I'm still in my lane. I'm drivin and the tires beat buried under the frame
They rollin', I'ma do the same. I gotta keep goin' man
I'm on a top tank in a tank top, top billing, can't stop
Watching them's like watching paint dry in a room that can't dry
Cause it's water drip-droppin' from the floor to the ceiling
So, to watch their show, I'ma have to get a boat
It's people tryna switch ships but my ship's full
Homie and I know wool
So if you try to put it over my eyes and pull
I can't have that. I learned that from driving school

[Hook: x2]
We walk around with our hands in our pockets
Then we rock boxes like three guys from Hollis
And if you got hands then put 'em up
Wave 'em around like you just don't give a fuck

[Verse 2: Chuck]
Yeah, big fish in a small pot
Pam spray oil. Pan fry, bake, broil
Grill it if you feel it, I'll deliver if you tippin'
Get it, got it, great. Great job. Wrong business
Paper towel wrappers, aluminum foil package
On the corner of the shelf to the left of the cabinets
Made me a sandwich, poured me a glass of this
Spelled out CHUCK with the refrigerator magnets
If it's gon' land on it, put a bit of cash on it
Then I'm gon' stand on it
Probably fly a flag on it
Hands high if you feelin this shit right
Right by the book. Two boys on the hook

[Hook: x2]

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