Bitch please! I'll put you on your knees
I am the coldest breeze
My behavior greatly displease you
Come clean or I'll dismiss you

I always lay it on the line
I like to wine and dine
With girlies who look fine
For sexing pussy I'm always on time

Are we on the same sheet of Music?
My sound is mystic both acoustic and eclectic
Funk, Jazz, Rock, Dubstep so Majestic
I'm not following anyone's system I'm acoustic and electric

I don't give two fucks
Your philosophy sucks, mine rocks
I'm just digging like a mole
People say that I'm a troll yo!

Tengo todo bajo control
Escupo en Inglés y en Español
Soy un gato mexicano y el mas cabrón
C-mon! Yo grabe todos los instrumentos en esta canción

Compongo para la orquesta si me place
Soy un virtuoso y decir mierda me nace
Mi filosofía es superior a la tuya
Mear en tu cara me complace

I let it all hang out
This ain't stuck up
Go and fuck yourself
World wide get the fuck up

This ain't stuck up
World wide get the fuck up
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Dragón De Komodo Lyrics

Cool Drums – Dragón De Komodo Lyrics

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