She jumped into the last one
Heart, soul and all
And he tripped her up
She started to fall

Ah, but it felt so right
A little too much soul
He found out a little more
Than he needed to know

Yeah, well she loves too much and falls too hard
Welcomes his touch and undresses her heart
Gives up too quick, cries on a dime
And then she finds the same man she had last time

Yeah, but one of these days it'll be alright
She'll give him a chance, more than just one night
He'll make mistakes like the rest of us do

And then figure it out and fall in love with her too

She's never been good
At playing hard to get
You think she'd learn
But it hasn't worked yet

Yeah, but she can't change
She's too honest for that
Yeah her heart hits him square
Like a baseball bat


She gave him a car to use
While she was gone
She came back to lipstick
And love songs on

She had a key made
So he could spend the night
Too much trust
Just started a fight

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She Loves Too Much Lyrics

Cooder Graw – She Loves Too Much Lyrics

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