(feat. Nothing Typical)

[Hook 1 x2]
Mentally this-turbed
Crooked thoughts keep running through, my head
Got me disturbed (Got me disturbed)

They say I'm mentally, this-turbed
Ya heard
Still I kill 'em softly
With nothing but words
Nouns, pronouns, adjectives and, verbs
Still perch on the curb, dogg
Ain't nothing changed
Except these
Muthafuckas dipping all in my business
Trying to steal my thangs
Ain't gotta say no names
Nigga you made your stand
Burn up
So turn up the volume on that fat bitch
Cuz you done played your hand
Now I'm bout to fade your man
On the deal
That's how we do it where we dwell
Set the stage
And page Fortnum to bring the hell
They'll never see it coming
Cuz they running
From the wrong thang
See we got bait
So sit back and wait, nigga
And collect the change
Still want to bang
I will go get it
I'ma slam a beer, nigga
And dat my fucking career
You don't know what to do with it
I'm like a jewel with it
With longevity
Coo Coo Cal, muthafucka
Aka, nigga
Calvin Bellamy
Slick muthafuckas done hit a nerve, nigga
They claim I'm sick
But still bumping my shit
And riding my dick
So that makes me disturbed

[Hook 2:]
Feeling disturbed
Got some thangs on my mind
Like the walls is closing
And I'm outta time (Mentally this-turbed)
Need some time to think
Too much chess going on
My mind is blank
But I gotta hold on

[Hook 1 x2]

[Verse 2:]
They claiming I done lost my mind, nigga
And lost my grind
But my rhymes designed, nigga
Strictly for the struggle
Fuck a flosser sign
Even though it calls for mine
We keeping it real, shit
Still up in the ghetto
With the fellows, nigga
Toting 'em, still
See it's bout dollar bill
And that's all
Black greedy
Fat hogs
Stumping up through your city
With them stacks, y'all
And we coming in 'llacs, dogg
With pipe guns
Paint, flipping
Got niggaz tripping
Cuz we got the right touch
And don't really like much
Cuz that's how Steelo
Get money
Our conversaion broadcast on your station, nigga
Fuck a kilo
Where we go, we mobbing
And any
Muthafucka standing in my path, dogg
We robbing
We can forget get you, dogg
Cuz niggaz fishy
Might find 'em
Stanking in a, muthafuckin alley
Smelling up your city
Punk bitches done hit a nerve
But still
Bumping my shit
Riding my dick
So that makes me disturbed

[Hook 2:]
[Hook 1 x2]
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Disturbed Lyrics

Coo Coo Cal – Disturbed Lyrics