My purpose in life my call my very existence
Dosen't mean a thing if you're not here to share and I
I cherish every moment spent with you (I get)
The closest thing to heaven
Nothing and no one can compare, oohh I
Can't even sleep at night unless you're right here by
My side
I gotta know that you're ok I think about you way too

I'll leave behind my hopes my dreams walk away from it
All yes I will
It's what I'd do for you
Swallow my pride even risk my life give up my freedom
It's what I'd do for you, yeah
I'd lie for you she'd a million tears for you if I could
Grasp for you
I'll be here for for you
I'll leave behind my hopes my dreams yes I will
It's what I'd do

Ooh wee you've got me hypnotized just one look
All in my world just fades away
(I still see you)
A love so serious it's makin me blush
(Again, I still see you)
You are my center my whole world revolves around you
(Such a relevant)part in my life without
(Without your presence)nothing really matters
I'm here to tell you you're my only one
I submit to you

I'll be all you dreamed if I'm all that you hoped for
(Giving understanding though at times can be demanding)
Never leave you guessing for you I
For you I count my blessing and I
Every day's a blessing, ohhh I
Never take for granted not a minute or a second
See I know how good I got it
Yes you know how good we got it
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What I'd Do Lyrics

Conya Doss – What I'd Do Lyrics

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