High on the mountain
Where the wild flowers grow
I fell in love with
My wild mountain Rose.

Rose lived high on the mountain
With the bright lights of the city below
She dreamed of the day we would go there
Just me and my wild mountain Rose.

But like the wild wind I drifted from her
Far below to the bright lights of town
I promised to come back and get her
But time passed and I'd let her down.

Now high on the mountain
Where the wild flowers grow
There's nothing but mem'ries
Of my wild mountain Rose.

One night in town they told me
Of this beauty in a place where lonely men go
And they talked of her red lips and her black hair
And they called her their wild mountain Rose.

And tonight I saw Rose for the first time
In town in her new city clothes
And I'm to blame for the scarlet light that's burning
In the life of my wild mountain Rose.

Now down in the valley
Where the lonely wind blows
I lost the love of my
Wild mountain Rose...
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Wild Mountain Rose Lyrics

Conway Twitty – Wild Mountain Rose Lyrics