Well, I'm a honky tonk man
And I can't seem to stop
Yeah, I love to give the girls a whirl
To the music of an old jukebox.

But when my moneys all gone
I'm on the telephone
A hollerin' hey hey mama
Can your daddy come home?

It takes a purty little gal and a jug of wine
That's what it takes to make a honky tonk mind
With the jukebox a moanin' honky tonk sound
That's when I want to lay my money down
'Cause I'm a honky tonk man.

--- Instrumental ---

Well, I'm living fast and dangerously
But I've got plenty of company
When the moon comes up and the sun goes down
That's when I want to see the lights of town
'Cause I'm a honky tonk man...
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Honky Tonk Man Lyrics

Conway Twitty – Honky Tonk Man Lyrics

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