Behind the black forest
Centre of the rotten field
There's a forgotten evil grave
Concealing enormous evilness

The bones have changed to dust
A coffin there never was
The tombstone is knocked down
God made this all properly

Six feet under lies the corpse
Flesh was simmered, only skeleton was left
But did they see the dissoluteness
That within they religion was

All we imagine that evil is dust
Like the corpse in this unconsecrated grave
But Armageddon approaches all the time
And when the time will reach
It's turn to think, to what to believe

Humanness is your weakness
Temptations are your enemies
Lies are your daily vices
And disbelief will be your end

Disagreeable impurity
Disproves existential adherence
Malevolence and desolation
Condemn the funeral souls

As retaliation of heathenism
Is immolation of humanity
Christian resurrection
Is only deception
Incessant morbid suffering
Dismembers humanity to despair
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Resuscitation Of Evilness Lyrics

Convulse – Resuscitation Of Evilness Lyrics