In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Shoot of on the rockets, rockets and you know sure
Thang aint no stoppin stoppin. Baabby girl you know I'm rockin rockin, it's
Fantastic, because I'm better than plastic, plastic,... ( RAP ) so now
I'm like a need a energy booster maybe I can go to roosters I NEED A 5 PIECE
OR 3 PEICE chicken tenders that can go in the blender to make me a
Strawberry slender. I'm leave roosters to go to the footlocker to get some
Kds cuz I'm bout to blaze dez lames, cuz I jus saw those lames at raisin
Canes. we finna leave to go to outta space to go punch you in the face,
Nevermind I'm not gonna punch you in the face all this was a little phrase,
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Shoot Of On The Rockets Lyrics

Constance – Shoot Of On The Rockets Lyrics