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Goddamn this is madnesss its the fourth consectutive week I've had this
reoccuring nightmare of a woman who tries to walk her child to daycare they
pass a liquor store see an average looking kid running out the door in a moment
frozen they watch as he reveals a handgun terror in her voice no sound he
unloads a round her son goes down then I wake up screaming but am I dreaming
cause its just another day so many killings repeated until people have no
feeling when every two years guns take more lives than the whole vietnam war
Six teens and children die every day in gun homicides and the NRA lobby fool
pay athletes to tell kids to stay in school whoever said that must be joking go
tell that to the kids in Oakland, DC. Detroit and Newark and you wonder why
why kids don't do their homework the school is a warzone teachers and students
alike are afraid to leave home hallways are an innocent tomb the principal's
office a grieving room this is a malignant cancer guards and metal detectors
won't be the answer hundreds of thousands of students say they carry guns to
school daily growing up with fear and panic.

Its genocide-America has the most homicides-Society devouring its own young
Take away the guns we need gun control
How can we stop the violence when everywhere we look is the image of gun death
the Rodney King explosion is just one result of inner city erosion take away
all hope and kids will turn to robbery and dealing dope you don't care about
elections what urban youth want is protection from a life of war could be the
Iraqi war or war in the Filmore There is no more tragic sight than a heavily
armed youth with no respect for life. The leading cause of death in African
American males under the age of thirty five at the funeral the friends will cry
but on the streets they tool and die and Hollywood has done more than anyone to
glamorize the gun movies, music and TV. Its Genocide...can't you see...Got to
take the profit out of crime, stop glamorizing death on primetime. Cities are
the only places where kids are waging arms races in suburbs and rural areas.
Across the country kids are carrying three more hours and another teenage youth
will have committed suicide while his mothers crying gun advocates aaare on TV
lying to the public about how people are the ones who kill and guns don't until
we have gun control we can't stop these ten year olds from going in their
father's closet were the gun was left unlocked and loaded. Where does it end?
When everyone gets their own piece, dividend
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