I get biz what what what what what
I get biz

Over the tunes of the shows of the protesters
And the grows that eventually will grow dexter
I took the single Monaco pressure that you make a down with
And show them what time it is and that a clime in it
Hip hop had more... they swear in the way I give it to these fools lyrically
Plus I got turn to the club into a rain forus
Awful what I move on Amazon
Two on this concrete jungle I move to... I always got eh cameras on
And yelling... you left the fans hard...
You turn the... to a... the light the.by next meeting
I know the pressure is going thing the... cheating
'Cause the beatest nights most I have a...
So they think I got a ghost life Daphne and Wilma
Fred and Shaggy don't forget Scooby
I guess they left some detail... movie
And try to school me but I aint' the on so I take joy in this like... my son
'Cause I have a gun a protector or the trilogy
Of a career that used to work playin in a worse way to kick off and killing spree
So the question they... or more less who is
Or put your name on the...
And get you fool they...
We would... snakes in the...
... for the several one... they rhyme great
And then the... stay so when the magnitude is 5.8
My attitude is I won't break on
Is the kong fu war.
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I Get Biz Lyrics

Consequence – I Get Biz Lyrics