No one knows, no one understands the mysteries that will become us.
Life and death as a circle, the start and the end.
The sun and the moon will become as horizons fade into the timeless seasons.
Words of wisdom once spoken, oppositions shattered yet unbroken.
Sunset forever embrace the dark.
Travel throughout your destiny, arriving in a place you'll never see.
And when the sun freezes over and when the heart stops in our chest,
Our teeth will split and our tongue rots in our mouth,
Watch me fall and watch me grow,
The valued seed will blossom once more and spread the blood forever.
The past sprouts forth memories as bitter as the taste of our enemies.
Only a vauld stench of shriveled remains,
We look towards the horizons and watch our beloved fade away...
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Sunset Forever Lyrics

Congress – Sunset Forever Lyrics