The backlash has started, but we ain't fucking laughing, take a look at how
Much has changed, there ain't mush to smile about. We've done four years of
Begging and a lot longer struggling, well ain't it about time, we took back
What is ours.
Punk formed as a movemnet to set right what was wrong: the opposing side said
No. We're right, you're wrong. They controlled our bands with money and they
All sucked off our sweat, well that's the fucking lesson we never must forget.
The time moved on and rebellion Just seemed to be a bore, as one by one the
Leaders collapsed, the money bought the whore, time and time again we heard
New promises were made, but words was all it was, the action was delayed.
They tried to salvage something, but the mistake already done, with C. B. S. And
E. M. I. Backing what went on. Those tears upon the stage, we heard they all
Came from the heart and if we all stood together, it would just be the start.
Well the start just never happened, as our hopes ran down the drain, now
Take a good look, you'll see it's happening again, the punk movement once
Strong, once offering real change, is searching fame and fortune, and that
Just ain't the fucking way.
Punk is still our movement, we can put tight what is wrong by learning to say
No, we're right, you're wrong, fuck their fucking future it means oppression
War and hate it's time to turn the tables around and recreate the state.
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Positive Junk Lyrics

Conflict – Positive Junk Lyrics