I barrowed the downs
Sift a mightier way
The comatosing start
Another blistering day
Meager stairs step away
The brandishing of new
I call to me more care
The caring was bonebare
And worthier days
I long to hold your gaze
To see what fruited trees
Can be picked off of my knees
I care not for dissent I fear not the fruit
Just shatter me a name
Like god is savior
I tantalize the seedier skies
My eyes make contact to
The motion apathy describes
And I can stagger more than you
When I choose like I do
I beckoned a cause
Pleading please no pause
See my heart is here
With hope I shall never fear
Creed dented cross bent
Burning so morose
Does hatred cleanse
Your bleeding wounds so close
To your beating heart
Does indifference impart
A fleeting sense of recompense
Just show me my exit and I will leave you here
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Barrow Lyrics

Confession Of Faith – Barrow Lyrics