Rules in my face every corner that I turn,
Teachers telling kids that you've got to learn,
Police on the beat telling me where to drink,
I ain't no criminal, I drink to help me thinks,
Walking slow, better go on green,
Don't dump your fag here, better keep the streets clean,
Looking at the signs, thinking to myself...
What the fuck does this mean?

What gives you the right to tell me what to do?
What gives you the right? No, you don't have a clue,
So, what gives you the right to tell me how to think?

Getting busted for this and getting busted for that,
Don't be pissing here you dirty punk twat,
Rules and regulations, fucking law and order,
You don't have the papers for crossing this border!
Speed cameras flash, better pay your tax,
No smoking here, you're too late for the beer,
Looking at the rule book...
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The Right Lyrics

Comply Or Die – The Right Lyrics

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