John Howard:
Hang on a tic, just let me talk
Cause you can tell by the way I use my walk
I'm just a bloke, a normal bloke, and nothin' more
I've got my home, I've got my health
I've got my lovely wife and kids,
I've got no tickets on myself
I'm just a bloke, an Aussie bloke, to the core.

So you know that I'd be grateful to the nation at large
If you thought it was appropriate to put me in charge.

Howard and Band:
Of the Mateship - anchors aweigh!

We've decided you're invited to stay!

Howard and Band:
On the Mateship - welcome aboard!

We could find a better kind of accord, uh-huh-huh.

Well I can jibe, and I can tack
So let the skipper take the chipper to Gallipoli and back
I'll be a bloke, an Aussie bloke, with Digger pride
We wouldn't mix with other crews
We won't consult with any cult promoting multiple views
We'll just be blokes. Dinkum blokes. Bona fide.

And I'd look to the community defending the land
If you took the opportunity to give me command.

Howard and Band:
Of the Mateship - hoisting the sail!

Never throw a baby over the rail!

Howard and Band:
On the Mateship - flying the flag!

You'll be clamouring to carry a swag, uh-huh-huh.

Howard and Band:
Mates would die for a mate
Mates are worth their weight in gold
Mates can rely on a mate

So I'm told...

Now I'm a man, I'm not a boy
When they say "Aussie Aussie Aussie" I say "oy oy oy!"
Like any bloke, a rugged bloke, pretty tough
It's catching on, it's all the rage
Why even now I look around and see no women on the stage
Only blokes - Aussie blokes!

Band Member:
[Spoken] Hey - I'm a Kiwi!

Close enough.
You could dwell upon tomorrow and the sorrow you feel
Or set a course for yesterday and give me the wheel.

Howard and Band:
Of the Mateship - rounding the buoy!

No political correctness ahoy!

Howard and Band:
On the Mateship, anchors aweigh!

We'll decide if you're invited to stay
On the Mateship...
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The Mateship Lyrics

Company B – The Mateship Lyrics