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Mindset Lyrics

Commotio Cordis – Mindset Lyrics

Thoughts of failure keep you held down.

Wishing you could lead someone else's life but you
Need to understand that you are worth the fight.

Fighting for yourself don't degrade your life, use the anger held inside to
Push yourself to light.

Put yourself in my shoes and tell me what you see
Because I was once in your shoes and I saw nothing

How do you see yourself?
You're numb, broken, scarred...
Do you feel the pain consume you?
Join the fucking club

Time stands still for noone
So you shouldn't waste your time
I refuse to lose the time that I have
I will choose to prove how strong I am

It's all about the mindset

It's all about the mindset!

If you tell yourself you can't then you're right.
But if you rid those thoughts from your mind you will realize your
Capabilities. Don't take these words for granted, they could be your escape
From what is bringing you down.

You gotta get up and get it before you diminish.
Admit you got it and that you can finish. x2

Bitching and complaining will get you no where in life.
You have to pave a path for yourself.

No one is going to do it for you. Stop being lazy and creating excuses. No
One is going to do it for you. x2

It's all about the mindset.
Don't let the thoughts of failure keep you held down.
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