I will hate clubs, also small talk and drugs
Mainly exist as a shut in
You will drag bars with unkown mods
Till you see the sun come up all of a sudden

Yeah, but we got one thing in common

Though we might think better of it
We won't settle down
Till our heads are wrecked
We'll toss around toss around

I'll lie in bed with wondering and dread
And then take a drive somewhere
You'll do coaine, stubmle out of taxis
And end up with smoke in your hair

Yeah, but look at this

Though we might really need to
We won't settle down
Till we're all shot out
We'll toss around toss around

I'll go out on reconnaissance missions
Then run home to recover
You'll be sleeping with a couple of Dean Martins
Not telling one about the other

So what's gonna happen now

Though it would be wise
We won't settle down
We were born on the last watch, baby
Toss around Toss around
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Toss Around Lyrics

Common Rider – Toss Around Lyrics