I hold another vigil for myself
When all they see sunlight, I see fire and rain
All my possible prospects have turned out false
I feel like I'm dying and yet somehow I feel alright
Who's to say? All we lost and won?
Who's to say?
Who's to blame for these times?
A narcissistic voyage, life reviewed
To try to make sense of it, what's the use?
I keep on flirting with death, crawling back just in time
I know it's on me to reach out, but at some point, someone must take my hand
Who's to say? Who's to blame?
All we lost and won

Who's to say? Who's to blame?
Pain is all we share
I picked a fight with myself
And my face ended up in the mud
Nothing makes sense anymore
Quite honestly I wouldn't have it any other way
My quest for solace subsides
My old desires have died
This sick place wants to train me: happiness is not for me
Despite my lies, I tried
Where did I go wrong?
I've stuck around long enough
Why not wait?
Matured, broken, sensitive, but never weak
When will I really stop caring
And just set your world on fire?
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Pain Is All We Share Lyrics

Common Dead – Pain Is All We Share Lyrics