Yeah... Mmmm... Yeah
Oh yeah... Oh yeah
Mmmm oh yeah
Oh... Baby

You got that love... Hey
That I want
Got that special touch
You keep it goin on
You got it
You got it

You go that love
That keeps me up
When I'm down
I could never be
Unhappy now
You got it
You got it

There are no others... Hey
That could turn me on
Like you do babe
You got it goin on
You got it
You got it

When the midnight comes
And I'm feeling hot
You can come and be right
By my side
Early in the morning babe
Til the break of dawn
Til the crow sounds
You got it
Off hand
You got it

I don't know what
I'd without your love
You're just like a river baby
Your rushing strong
I need the strength in my thighs
Baby when you're on top
And then we gona rock... Rock... Rock
Hey hey hey...

Double play right here step
Step, step, step, step step,

Double play right her step

You got it
You got it

Baby it feels so good to be loved
The way you love me
Yeah... Mmm... Yeah...

I've been waitin and looking high
You got that love
You got that love
You got that love
Yeah... That I want

You got that love
Early in the morning
That love baby
Late in the evening
That love baby when I need it
You got that love... Mmmm
You... Yeah... Double play step
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You Got It Lyrics

Columbia Chaaise – You Got It Lyrics