Baby, baby... Oh
I'm so happy I have you
My whole life it was
Just one big oh misty blues

But now everything has changed
I can't stop smiling after loving you
You made me somebody else
That loves life
Oh baby I... I love you

I see you smiling... Hey
And the whole world baby
Smiles back
And your light baby
Is all I need to see me through

All I have... I dedicate to loving you
In fact the song... Yeah, yeah
I'm singing right now, baby
I sing it all because of you

You're like the flower
Tha'ts delicate yet roots are buried strong
And you know how to love me
Ooh yeah
You keep me coming babe
All night long

I see you smiling
I see you
I see you smiling
And I begin to smile myself
And I looked around you
And saw the whole world smiling too
Ah, ah, yeah... Yeah

You're are a miracle of love
You are a miracle, a miracle of love
You're everything I need
And all I needed to be
The person, the person
Of love inside of me
Yeah... Babe

All I see is you
Do you hear me
And hun... Listen
The day wouldn't be right... No
If I didn't wake up, yeah... Wake up
Baby next to you

Oh I see you smiling, yeah
I see you smiling
And it changes everything
Every negative thing... Hey
That might have happened
Throughout the day
Let me sing it baby
Because of you
I'm not the... Not the same

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I See You Smiling Lyrics

Columbia Chaaise – I See You Smiling Lyrics