Chris miss me much?
Crash the party
Gonna make this chris mus-retardy
Knockin over trees and tangling lights
That how we duz a Kesha chrismas right...

Puked on your cousin, causin drama
Flirt with your husband, Kids do u wanna?
Have your first beer and your Kesh outside?
Take your daddys sled, on little joy ride.

The only drunker than your uncle is me:)
Sit on his lap to put up his tree; )

When the part starts I'm gonna deck the halls
If you nogg my eggs, I'll jiggle your balls; )

Parchettes on a pear tree, know you wanna rock me:)
The very Kesha christmas comin at you this year
And this very mess will hit you like a fist to the ear
Cuz my stocking is stuffed, and my tree is trimmed

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe goes everybody when I walk in:)

*Oh holy night, the starts are shining bright*

Turn that shit off, I gotta beat that's better
Take off my pants, but leave on my sweater:O
I'm a horny ornament, and you know I don't stop
Treat me like an angel, and put me on top

I'm a viccent and princton I aint gonna answer
Cause to prancer for being as dirty as dancer.
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A Very Kesha Christmas Lyrics

College Humor – A Very Kesha Christmas Lyrics