Honky Tonk Groupie
Written by: Codie Prevost/Troy Kokol
Codie Prevost Music (Socan/Ascap), Reluctant Cowboy Music (Socan/Ascap)
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Kicking up her boots, dancing in the front row
Her low rider jeans ride a little too low
The Fire in her eyes ignites when the lights go down

She's got my tour dates posted on her bedroom door
Well the miles are adding up on that old rust bucket Ford
She's out there turning' it on screamin', 'Turn it up Loud'.
Her every move's got me hypnotized
And I'm starting to realize

That I'm in love with a Honky Tonk Groupie
She's kinda young I think her daddy might shoot me
I can't get enough of that Rhinestone cutie
Cause I'm in love in with a Honky Tonk Groupie

Up here on the stage the view sure is fine
That skin tight tube top messin' with my mind
It's everyday spring break and man that girls gone wild
She's got me tripping over every word
I wanna scream it out to the world

She's kinda crazy but I really don't mind
Freaky deaky but so s*** at the same time
There's somethin' about her
I gotta make her mine
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Honky Tonk Groupie Lyrics

Codie Prevost – Honky Tonk Groupie Lyrics