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Scarecrow Lyrics

CoCo And The Butterfields – Scarecrow Lyrics

Scarecrow look away from me I can see it on your brain (Huh Huh! )
You don't need to say a word I just need to know your name (Huh Huh! )
And scarecrow just give me a clue, was it by your own choice?
Do you wish that you could have a friend, someone to hear your voice?

Scarecrow scare the sun away, 'cause rain gives me a laugh
Have you ever had a kiss, have you ever had a bath?
Scarecrow you are crying now, is it my time to go?
Is there more to you than rags and straw, maybe I'll never know

Scarecrow can I ask of you for a secret or a lie?
You wouldn't need to say yes, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind
'Cause you know how different life can be when you're from the other field
Some things are so simple, yet some things never heal

Scarecrow I think I love you, will you ever understand (understand)
It's not as if I've hope for this, but I'm doing what I can (what I can)
To keep the birds away from your worn out, dirty hat (dirty hat)
The sun will always set with us
And I know (know) (know) that's a fact


(Ok, so I need all of you to join with me now! )
(Do what I do! )
(Are we ready?)
(Put your hands together! )
(That's it! )
(Come on, guys! )

If a scarecrow could sing a song, (then I'm sure of how it goes)
I'm stuck inside the open air (wearing someone else's clothes)
And I've always wanted money, (but money equals time)
So if you can see (then I'm sure you wouldn't mind)

Because scarecrows are much younger than a whisper or a tear
They can make you feel you're normal, even though you're weird
But scarecrow please remember me as it's my time to go
Is there more to me than words and song, maybe I'll never know
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