Fairy tales of fire. More trials of strength and
Tribulations that mean life or death for us all here.
You are boring me. Solutions not emotion. Emotion not
Declarations. I'm repeating nothing. I'm caring not.
Save the tired cliche's for the already converted.
Poetic licenses have been severely strained. Kill that
Albatross for it's not of truth. It speaks of eternal
Life without sacrifice. Kill that fucker there's no
Wrath to follow. It's godless and it's incoherent. And
It's still in the flesh. I can not see it one
Commitment linking revolving worlds. And that's all
You are, a politician. Too much grey stop it, there's
Too much. No cut and dry truth to be had. Black and
White's long been nonexistent, so I part my way. Kill
That fucker, there's no wrath to follow. It's godless,
It's incoherent and it's in the flesh. Kill it. So
What is the point anyway? You do not give a fuck about
People and god takes care of his own. Let's drag them
Into the streets. Death to all carnivores and
Vivisectors, and don't stop there. don't stop with
Names like fag and nigger. By your own word we are all
Gods and everyone anyone might think undesirable
Deserves death. Sin doesn't exist anymore, we are
Merely animals. Kill the albatross for it's not of
Truth. It speaks of eternal life without sacrifice.
Kill that fucker there's no wrath to follow. It's
Godless and it's incoherent. And it's still in the
Flesh. I can not see it one commitment linking
Revolving worlds. So I part my way. She'll shake
Herself free of us soon enough and nothing will have
Mattered. He's coming a second time, one last time
Then it's just a matter of how long it will be before
We are considered a find. Another artifact in the dips
And rises of civilization. But still it has turned
Into a commodity and I listened to you. Every last one
And still I ate it all. I believed it all, now I just
Hate it all. I've never been so conceited to think
That our fate doesn't lie in god. So ask me again if I
Care. I'm not for sale but I'm still coming after you
And I am collecting.
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Chain Smoking Lyrics

Coalesce – Chain Smoking Lyrics

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