A guy at work
Was trav’ling overseas
He was going to find a wife
He’d been married
Married 3 times before
He was going to roll the deice
And when he was asked
How you going to keep number 4
When something’s always went wrong went wrong before
What has stilled
Your relationships
It could be you
It’s probably you

Guy in it
Would go from town to town
The dollar blinded him from life
He’d work until
His boss would make him ill
He lived in constant anger and strife
When asked about work
He says his boss is a jerk
I see a pastern here—do you?
A trail of misery
Is your work history
And as far as I can see it’s no real mystery
Now clear your mind and breathe
The answer is you

People if you’ve had bad things happen again and again
Then sit back, relax, let’s take a look at things
I only have a couple questions for you
Where’d you go wrong?
When did it all go to crap?
You say this happens again and again?
Don’t think I’m wrong
Don’t think I’m out of place
You keep missing what is right in front right in front of your face
So take my advice
The thing you have missed
The thing that might make you pissed
The problem is you
Hmmm it’s you
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It Could Be You Lyrics

Clutch Stingray – It Could Be You Lyrics

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