I got a little story to tell,
That'll make a gorwn man cry,
Met this pretty young thing,
Right here, just outside,
You know I took her out like a real good man does,
Wining & dining and kept my hands to myself,
Even though my little man claims I'm a fool,

And I know every man that's in here,
Knows exactly what happened next,

She wanted to be my friend,
Then expects me to understand,

Ain't that some shit,
You ain't gotta tell me,
Ain't that some shit,
It brings a tear to my eye,
Ain't that some shit,
It hurts, so bad,
Ain't that some shit,

You must be out your mind,
How the hell you wanna come up in my house,
Wanna cuddle on the couch,
When you know damn well I wanna go down south,
I didn't spend all my time and money, for nothin',

Now baby don't, you forget I'm a real man,
And a real man's got real man needs,
Lemme tell ya how I fixed this problem,
I got her out them jeans,

Drop Them Draws,
That's what I told her,
Drop Them Draws,
Cause I won't gonna wait no more,
Drop Them Draws,
I was patient,
Drop Them Draws,
But now it's time to,
Drop Them Draws,
Time for some finger licking good loving,
Drop Them Draws,
Drop Them Draws,
You need to drop them baby,
Drop Them Draws,

And the moral to this story is,
Don't be Mr. Niceguy for too long,
Tell her what you want and what you need,
And you'll hit it, like I did
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Drop Dem Draws Lyrics

Club Bangahs – Drop Dem Draws Lyrics

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