Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, a trained fighting unit strikes at the nerve centre of the dread overlords power matrix stronghold.
To alter the path of blind submission only the brave walk the Road of Eagles!

Prepare for battle.
After this flight,
As free men
We fight or fall,
We fight or fall.

Shall our people cower
In chains and fear,
This reign must end...
Kill the oppressor!

Antagonistic warlord,
Star systems die by his hand.
Unchallenged to pillage and plunder,
Taken and slain by command.

Time for blind allegiance Passover,
Though hell itself bars the way.
His life force must spill over,
Or death be the price we pay.

Lift the banner of freedom on high,
Raise the empire to the ground.
Let arrow fly,
Let warning sound,
As free men we choose to die.

Dogs of war are gathering,
They hunger for conquest.
Scheming Jackals of conflict,
Await to pick the bones
Who failed the test.

Ask not for mercy,
Show no quarter,
Till victory is won.
Our cause must not falter,
Dominator must come undone.


Our kinsmen's bodies' litter,
Foreign fields of death.
Only the prophets may know
What the future may bring.
Brother against brother
Cursing with his last dying breath...
The king is dead!
Long live the King!

Must the hands of man
Be stained forever?
How many son's be lost?
Before we still the malice
Inside us,
And escape a final holocaust.
How many?
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Road Of Eagles Lyrics

Cloven Hoof – Road Of Eagles Lyrics