[Part 1 - The Grand Deception]

Look on high son of man I stand before you
Cesestial traveller of time and space
Take my hand discover realms beyond the living
Cast aside the mortal fears that ever plague your race
Leave your world behind seek and you will find the Gates of Gehenna

[Part 2 - Beyond The Veil]

Sinners scream from tormented fate redemption but a dream too late
Damnated souls in the aftermath of Gods own
Wrath, with paradise lost forever, and ever

[Part 3 - Truth Unmasked]

Now you will know your reason here
Mine is Lucifer, destructor, abductor of your soul
Seek not escape once lured to Hell's own kingdom
None may elude my presence nor relinquish my dread control
You are sold to brutality never to break free the Gates of Gehenna

[Part 4 - Requiem]

My fate is sealed in shadow denied the gift of light
Cast down damnated banished from salvations sight
The prey of the betrayer, spirits never finding peace
An eternity of suffering possessed without release

You'll never get away, no...
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Gates Of Gehenna Lyrics

Cloven Hoof – Gates Of Gehenna Lyrics