I see my self at night
Wondering if it's over
She ask me all the time
Wondering if I'm sober
It's not that I don't care
I just don't need closure
So she stop and stare
There is no controller
I don't know where I am anymore
Tell me again if I'm here
People all up in my business
Let me make this clear
I got goals
I did it on my own
I got all these things in my head
And I'm headed back to my home
Going back to my town
But this time without that crown
Still got that sound yep
I can't hold it now
I wanna hold you down but
I don't think this is love
Truly I just want to fuck
So I gotta give you up
Baby I'm so sorry. Don't tell me you hate my name
Ask me in the future. You'll tell me you're ok
Look me in my face
I'll tell you who I chase
You're the only one I see who could put me in my place
I really know I am
Tell me I'm MIA
Tell me I'm A. O. K.
Basically head back to the fate
Wanna know if I'm awake
If I am a waste
I'll put that gun right on my waist
And I'll walk out into the country
I'm just living my new way
I ride that wave cause you're my only one
Girl I know who you are
Really wanna show you off
But I want too much from you baby
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Sorry (ft. Zuper) Lyrics

Cloudy Nights – Sorry (ft. Zuper) Lyrics

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