Little Jack Horner fell in love with the witch up on the moon
Her name was Mother Hubbard she kept whiskey in her cubbard
So her wings were made of spoons
They dated for a week and they married on the beach
But the witch thought it was soon
So the three blind said it was all very nice and they moved up on the moon

They had a little girl,her name was Bo Peep
She was pretty she was bright
She put on her red coat and went to see grandma
But disappeared in the night
Jack wouldn't eat fat, Hubbard wouldn't eat lean
So they got into a fight
Jack grew a beanstalk, big and green
So they climbed into the sky

Somewhere in the clouds they lost each other
When the cow jumped over the moon
But old Mother Hubbard found little Miss Muffet
Now their on their honeymoon

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Fairy Tale Lyrics

Cloud Cult – Fairy Tale Lyrics