Who needs it
When it's love that almost always breaks your heart
It can take a man and tear him all apart
Only fools would ever let that feeling start

Who needs it
When it hardly ever leaves without some pain
It's been known to drive a person half insane
Love is only one more way to hurt again

Who needs it
Love's a promise I just can't afford to keep
It's only one more problem I don't need
Just another hungry fire the heart must feed

Why is it
That there's always one who loves a little less
Between us I believe we had the best
If you didn't feel the same I'd never guessed

Who needs it
Like the shadows in the night time need the sun
After all the sad good byes are said and done
I never dreamed that I would the one

Who needs it
More than anything I've ever had before
Ever since you turned away and closed the door
I've only learned to love you more and more

Why is it
That everything I have I've had to lose
I guess it's time to face the bitter truth
There's no one else who needs it like I do
Like I do
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Who Needs It Lyrics

Clinton Gregory – Who Needs It Lyrics

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