Paddlin' Madelin' Home
Cliff Edwards
Words and Music by Harry M Woods
Recorded in 1925 by Cliff Edwards and in 1926 by the Ipana Troubadors

'cause when I'm paddlin' Madelin' home
Gee! When I'm paddlin' Madelin' home
First I drift with the tide
Then pull for the shore
I hug her and kiss her
And paddle some more.

The I keep paddlin' Madelin' home
Until I find a spot where we're alone
Oh! She never says "No" so I kiss her and go
Paddlin' Madelin', sweet, sweet Madelin'
Paddlin' Madelin' home!


Copied by Ronald E. Hontz
Ronhontz@worldnet. Att. Net
From lyrics sheet inside "Your Request" lp by Mitch Miller & the Gang
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Paddlin' Madelin' Home Lyrics

Cliff Edwards – Paddlin' Madelin' Home Lyrics