I still see people
I see them chained and bound
I hear them shuffle their feet, they shuffle their feet,
The vapour's clouding
On words inside their mouths
They are forbidden to speak by men in blue
The nkvd.

I hear the shouting from behind the door
The bolts pulled shut
There is no news in Yakutsk-ahh.

Step to the left, step to the right
Attempt to escape

They'll shot you down as sure as Sunday
There's only one way
If you want to survive
Do what you're told, go where you're put
Come to an understanding.

Now they are not
They're not just fighting time
They're fighting for the right to
Live as men and be as men and
There is no reason to be this way at all
It's just the brainchild of the
Men in blue
The nkvd.
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Yakutska Lyrics

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