Break, one nine, how 'bout you
Smoky Mountain Smokey
You got your ears on

You got your Smoky Mountain Smokey
Bring it on

Ten four, you got the one Blue Trooper
What say we pull the plug
On these old picture takers
Back it out into town for a short short

A big ten four on that short short
Blue Trooper

Oh, mercy day there, Blue Trooper
Did you see that eighteen wheel hot rod
That just went by us in a gust
Of chicken feathers

Ah, yeah, a big ten four
On them chicken feathers
You musta been doing a hundred for sure
Busted every tube in my picture taker
I's holding it in my hand too
Mercy sakes, that smarts
Flat curl your fingernails backwards

Ten four, let's get the bubble gum popping
And the hammer down
Pray for that eighteen wheeler there
Doing a hundred for sure
Now you just back it down, boy, we gotcha

I'm the Kentucky moonrunner
Ten four, smoky bear
I don't stop for no slow cop
Not even a pair

Chickens and old moonshine
Is a mighty heavy load
Got the hammer down on this
Big A-town road

Now you lookie here
Kentucky moonrunner, boy
You in enough trouble already
Going double double nickels
Without having moonshine in the
Bottom of that rig under them chickens
Now you pull that old
Eighteen wheeler over to the side
Blue Trooper, give me your twenty

Hey, negatory, I'll let you have
Two fives and some loose change

Get the peanut butter out
Of your ears, Blue Trooper
I want your location

I'm eyeballing your tail lights
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'Bout a half mile behind you
Mercy day, Smoky Mountain Smokey
It's a snowing, biggest flakes I ever seen

Negatory, Blue Trooper
That ain't snow, that's chicken feathers
Off that eighteen wheeler
You can always tell snow
From the chicken feathers
Snow don't gum up your
Wiper blades something awful
Now, moonrunner, boy
You pull it over now

I'm the Kentucky moonrunner
Ten four, smoky bear
Put the hammer down to big A-town
And be my looking chair

'Cause you can't catch me
No matter how you try
My moonshine holler is down
And gone bye bye

By gosh, Smoky Mountain Smokey
I done put out a call for reinforcements

Ten four, let's get every
Smokey in Tennessee after him
He's doing a hundred and twenty, for sure
We gotta stop that boy
Before he gets to Georgia
Ho, watch out there, Blue Trooper
They done coming out of
The chicken coop up here

Well, negatory, tell them boys
To keep them rigs parked

Blue Trooper, I don't
Mean no chicken coop, boy
I mean a chicken coop
He done let them chickens loose outta that rig
Oh, mercy day, they drunk on that moonshine
You ever try to dodge three hundred
Jaywalking, drunk New England white rocks

Aw, mercy, big ten four
On them plastic Sunday dinners
They all over me

Lord a mercy
Now they've started laying eggs

Ten four on them hundred proof egg yolks
You reckon these old snow treads
Are gonna hang on these slippery eggs

I don't know but I got a half dozen
Sunny side up on my hood
Blue Trooper, what's your twenty now
Come on back

I'm the four wheel Western omelette
That just passed you

Come on, breaker, moonrunner
The fun's over
Now, boy, we got fifty-eight Smokeys
Thirty-six county mounties
Twelve local yokels
Nineteen bears in the air
Twenty-two meter maids
Two ballistic missiles, Richard Petty
Kojak and two-hundred soused
White rock chickens on your tail, boy
Now you gonna back that old rig down or not

Hey, we too late
That old moonrunner done
Crossed that Georgia line

Aw, ten four
Break for a Georgia Smokey

Ten four, back door
We got this old Kentucky moonrunner
On the side for sure
There he was streaking
Through the Georgia night
And he done forgot about
That one White Knight

Hundred and four miles over speed limit
That old boy's gonna grow old in the pokey
Come on down from that Tennessee, boys
And we'll do us some celebrating
Have us some fried chicken and scrambled eggs
And some of that Kentucky moonrunner tea
How about it
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Kentucky Moonrunner Lyrics

Cledus Maggard And The Citizen's Band – Kentucky Moonrunner Lyrics

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