Fall from your throne, face your own creation
This land you’ve ruled, now turned to ruin
Disaster ascends, now face the flood
The once obedient masses, now lust for blood

This is the day chaos will rise far beyond your mortal perception, we claim retribution
Fall to your knees, a tyrant has come, those who stand before me shall face evisceration

You may be a martyr of revolution and freedom for now
I will see you in chains and torn apart by wolves, oh how they howl
From far away the legion returns to take the heads of traitors

Enlightenment is what you lust for
But only though violence can you achieve it
Death and destruction is all you bring
A land of order cast into chaotic winds

I’m all that stands between destruction and madness
And I will cleave the falsehoods you gave birth to

Now in the night, flames will rise to light a scene of impure mutilation
A people once proud have fallen so low, nothing more than vicious dogs without morals

I would see the world burn before you achieved your final victory
Rule over the ashes and command the few who survive my justice
Skewer them upon my sword and let the blood flow free

There will be a reckoning
For beliefs that you’ve held and lies that you preach
All this destruction you've unleashed

I will make you crave death and beg for sweet release
There can be no salvation until you embrace your suffering
Witness the end, the end of all that you’ve held dear

I will rise to the top upon a mountain of brass skulls, so high
I can hear the screams of souls, to me it’s a beautiful symphony
Vengeance is my name, a spirit conjured or a demon risen
It matters not for the outcome is the same
I will see it all fall and everything before me will burn
Even the creator of time is beholden to me
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The Reign Of Tyrants Lyrics

Cleanse The Hive – The Reign Of Tyrants Lyrics