Regie Hamm, Steve Siler and Bob Farrell
We do a pretty good job of throwing sticks and stones
But everyone's got a closet full of skeleton bones
No need to tear each other down
'Cause we're all standing here on common ground
If we could love one another
We could bring Heaven down out of the sky
If we could love one another
We could bring hate to it's knees tonight
Wouldn't every future be bright
If we could love one another
Love one another right
We find it easy enough loving the latest trends
Take something that's dead and make it our closet friend
Imagine what this world could be
If we worked as hard at loving you and me
Repeat chorus
Don't let your anger get the best of you
When you're provoked you simply refuse
Don't waste your time with retribution
Why not try making a contribution
Reach down a hand to the tired and weak
Lift up a soul with the words you speak
Shake it up with a revolution - and set the world on fire
(C)1997 Mcspadden-Smith Music llcyolanda's Fine Music (Sesac), Magnolia
Hill Music (a div. Of Mcspadden-Smith llc), Bob Farrell Musicsummerdawn
Music (Ascap)
Drums and percussion: Regie Hamm
Keyboards: Jeffery Roach
Acoustic guitar: Dave Luther Cleveland
Electric guitar: Jerry Mcpherson
Bass: Matt Pearson
Hammond B-3: Phil Madeira
Harmonica: Buddy Green
bgvs: Tabitha Fair, Clay Crosse, Michael Mellett
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Saving The World Lyrics

Clay Crosse – Saving The World Lyrics

Songwriters: REGIE HAMM
Saving The World lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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