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Through The Pain Lyrics

Claudette Ortiz – Through The Pain Lyrics

Been a minute since I seen you
I just been killing time
Letting all these niggas know
That you gon' always be mine
Disappeared and reappeared
We held it down through the years
All the crazy shit we been through
Can't take no more tears
Fell in love when I first met you
Put you all on my team
Introduced you to my crew
Told you my every dream
It was us against the world
Nobody could come between
Passionate, crazy, if you know what I mean
Can't wait to get back wit you soon as I come off tour
Musta felt me thinkin bout us there you are at the door
Both been doin our thing, but ain't a damn thing changed
Always, remember that
Love me through all the pain

Borrowed Time
I feel the same
Yes in my eyes
It'll never change
You'll always be my sunshine
Lasting through my rain
True will never die
Real love is here to stay
Even through the pain

Remember we was twenty deep
We used to mob every show
Whole crew couldn't be faded
Straight untouchable flows
Faithful few stayed down
Whether I'm rich or I'm broke
Trees by the pound, take two tokes
Straight to the bar, serve my entourage
All eyes on us, know you seein' some stuff
In the club plus shoutin'
You would get cussed out
My crew, come through, too wile' no doubt
Anytime you ever needed me I always came through
Took your career inside my hands and represented for you
It's just a matter of time, before we all gon' shine
That's real, one love, representin' for mine


And I know no matter where I may go (may go)
You will always be the angel watching over my shoulder

Even if we're worlds apart I'm drawn to you
Baby it's OK, it's part of something we'll do

We started out this game together
Took it straight to the top
Grew from shorties into women
We was never gon' stop
Just overpowerin' this industry like heavy weighters
Risk takers, the hit makers, and no mistakers
And my whole clique, so sick, like liquid butter-shit
We spit incredible MTV buzzclips
Full grown, off on our own, congratulations
On your newborn child and the weddin situation
No we still all know
That we live and we learn
Come through every situation crossin' bridges we burnt
And we still the biggest thing the industries eva seen
That's T-L-C: The Unstoppable Team


[Repeat: x2]
Even through the pain
We'll see brighter days
Cause real love is hear to stay
Even through the pain
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