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Flash Backs Lyrics

Classified – Flash Backs Lyrics

Memories in the corner of my mind
Flash backs, I was laughing all the time [x4]

Verse 1:
Today is a new day
So why you trying to think about the past
Leave your memories all behind
And let this be your last lesson
Cause I'll be stressing
I'll put this in my name And on paper
Working for myself
Nobody ever gave me favors
I got no hand outs for real
And makes ya stop and learn
How the world really turns and goes around
It's like a merry-go
Cause everywhere we go
Another bad day but hey
We got to learn to bury
The pros plus the cons
Cause everything ain't going how you thought it would be
Another dream well maybe maybe not
Chic bam [(Gun Shot)]
I let my beats run though you
Like your nothing and
That's why you frontin
And why you be cocky
Because your out attack
You'll be in the studio
But I'll be sounding better
On the forward track recording
My rhythms leave you soaring
You say bring me back to earth
Well are you ready for my next verse
Only way to know
So I guess we gotta try
So open up your eyes
Realize and recognize word up

Memories in the corner of my mind
Flashbacks, I was laughing all the time [x4]

3... 2... 1

Verse 2:
And day number two starts
I gotta be glad because
I never gave up
I kept my head and held my weight up
Yesterdays the past but today it be the present
So I always look ahead
The day before is already dead
It ain't coming back
So why the ____ would I think about that
I gots to live
I gots to live kid yeah
I give you all my words
And now you know I never
Pull on your strings
I prove my point
Then I light up l like a joint
Light up like the sun
Plus the stars in the darkness
It's pitch black
So tell me you can kick that
I kick back one shot two shots
And then the third on the menu
But is it really worth it for my ___ to continue
Got to say it is
I'll be outta here props to my people
And like there be no equals
No sequels no part three only bring premiers
Just doing a shot deal
So tell me how's it feel
Like a failure
Well hey we're all here to break the boundaries
So make way for the kid from Hans county

Memories in the corner of my mind
Flashbacks, I was laughing all the time [x4]
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