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Believe It Or Not Lyrics

Classified – Believe It Or Not Lyrics

Our Father who aren't in heaven,
Baptize my soul and help me learn my lessons,
I'm tryin' to do right and return the blessing,
But please don't judge me on a first impression,
I don't go to mass,
Don't mean I ain't religious,
Still get the picture even though I skip the scriptures,
As a young kid, yeah did a little mischief,
Most I do now though is get a little lifted,
Used to go to church every Sunday,
But since I moved out my parents house,
I ain't gone one day,
I don't know why, I feel God is(?),
I know I'll see him soon,
Time's up when I die,
I know my ten commandments,
I take it very serious,
I still got my rosary,
And I'll be (?) it,
Know death happens,
But fuck it, I'm still fearin' it,
When all is said and done,
I don't know if I'm prepared for it,
This can't be it,
The wicked ones always prosper,
But after we depart, we'll be judged by the Father,
Life is a trial,
And a sentence when it's passed,
So forgive us for our sins and the greedy things we've asked,

Now this is what it comes down to,
(Just let me die in peace with my beliefs, )
Follow what you want, not what they allow you,
(Thank the Lord, but don't know what I'm thankful for, )
Said, this is what it comes down to,
(For the faithless, because their God is faceless, )
And everybody got an opinion around you,
(But shh, quiet please, 'cause my beliefs)

Hail Mary, full of grace,
When I die, pray to God I get to see your face,
Please forgive me for my sins,
All my greed, my hate,
All the bad shit I done that can't be erased,
So many lost souls... ,
All they really need is faith,
Maybe I can be their shepherd,
Help to see them straight,
I ain't preachin' to ya,
At least I'm not tryin',
So many sufferin' wondering why we all dyin',
It ain't for us to understand God's master plan,
I work hard, do the best I can,
And I know the Lord's watching me,
Yeah he walks with me,
Don't go to church,
But I talk to him,
(?) Jesus, got my back,
Now who's fuckin' with that?
I pray to God when I'm bumpin' a track,
Please deliver us from evil,
'Cause we all God's children,
Like hip-hop on the radio,
I can't see him but I still feel him,


See this through my eyes,

There's people like me out there,
But we get neglected,
'Cause people think you don't believe in God, you ain't protected,
What about these kids who believe and they still die?
They got aids, cancer, tell me these don't matter,
You think it's God's plan to keep me alive?
When I don't believe in him,
My lungs don't breathe with him,
My heart don't beat with him,
But, shit, it's still beatin',
Kids starvin' everyday, and Bruce still eatin',
All be present now,
I can't believe it,
Nobody can be everywhere at once,
I can't see it,
I can't be it,
By "it", I mean God fearin',
Cults up in the church prayin',
Yo, I ain't carin',
Ya'll can pray along all you want,
But think about it,
Innocent people dyin' everywhere,
I can't be about it,
Fuck thinkin' that he takes you when he wants to,
If you listen here,
Strike me dead, I do what God do,

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