You call me on the line,
Sing me a song about horses.
You're crying down that line.
You say these tears bring you life.

Hey it's just a song.
They're never meant to last that long.
But then I cry because
I am the cause, I'm not the comfort.

We are winding up
Both our bodies say it's true but
While we're still winding up
I'm still me and you're still you yes.

We drove a cage across a desert stage,
Friends in tow
To catch some ocean fish,
To spit their bones out the window.
One windy night, we stop to fight;
Fight fight to fall asleep
Next to each other we're like babies.

We are winding up
Both our bodies know it's true but
Whilst we're winding up
You be me and I'll be you yeah.
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Winding Up Lyrics

Clare Bowditch And The Feeding Set – Winding Up Lyrics