I miss you like crazy
And I will find my way back to you baby

We both know what we've started
And it's nothing like we've seen before
We're both left broken hearted
On the other side of the door

Without you around I don't know how I make it through
But right now I know there's nothing we can do
And I know that I'm gonna miss you
With or without you

If you wouldn't mind holding me closely
While you tell me "I wish you could be mine"
I will be home as soon as I can be
If you'll be waiting I won't be far behind.

If we work through all our sorrow
Even when there's nothing to say
If we don't get a tomorrow
We can say we had today.

Lying next to you is always where I'd rather be
But till money finds a way to grow on trees
It's safe to say that I will always be
Wishing you were here with me


I wish I
Could kiss you
I hate that you're not around.
It's so hard
You're so far
You keep my feet on the ground
But every time I see you go
How do I not let it show?
You leave with half my heart

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Back To You Lyrics

Clara Bond – Back To You Lyrics