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Clairmont The Second – Word Lyrics


Making classics like 80’s and 90’s sitcom theme songs
Tryna’ recapture the greenest Hi-C and re-runs
Don’t know if I’m depressed but it’s hurting me Malique gone
And a negro’s sleep off, crappy bed I sleep on
It’s gon’ have to work
Ain’t a soda with that pizza slice the dollar used to hurt
Now we pulled over ‘cause the rental nice and my coat got some fur
Expensive on a budget, palate don’t cost money
I been working way too hard, I need to laugh again
Produce my own feature films, West Side Anderson
Rows where the fade was, wrist bands, after parties, faces
Bullet holes, where you from, not enough, make shift
But my faith lately been a little shakey
I don’t wanna live in fear, I’m stressing on a vacay
Restoration happens every time I hit the airwaves
Like he wouldn’t bring me this far just to leave me halfway


If you told them this your final night
What would they say to the world
I’ve lost family and had no goodbye
Won’t take for granted that my word




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Songwriters: Clairmont II Andy Humphrey
Word lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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